Wednesday, February 21, 2007

every moment spent with you is a moment i treasure

last day.tomorrow i go back to camp.
just when i thought i wouldnt miss much going back to camp for only about 2weeks and a few i went visiting3houses with the youths.
and it was just great spending time with them again and all..and i just know i'm gonna miss them a lot again when i go back.

being with people who are fun and more importantly who have this common bond as a family..the same's

i think i fed myself up enough to have ns food again=P

which part of me wants to turn back time?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

even the best fall down sometimes

what is it to you that i'm messed up?can you even feel me breaking out?

there comes a time where even your role model,your,so to call,example,
just don't seem to meet your ever mounting expectations.your silly move to think that they would always do what's right,temporarily forgetting that they too,like you,are only human.

no one is perfect.

no matter how many times,how often,how sick you are getting tired of it, it just hits.

no one but God.

will be going visiting with the youths tomorrow.kinda like my last day before i have to go back to camp.not a bad thing.i do miss them there;) one but God.
only God.

Monday, February 19, 2007

to get the feeling right

another day down.really,we just have to learn how to appreciate time.
well,i do anyways.

hung out with ashy ph n reiny was great to meet them after quite some time.we watched two movies at mid and lyrics and stranger than fiction.
my review-music and lyrics:good,funny.
stranger than fiction:boring.

but that's just me.

going mv again tomorrow but with a couple of the youths.i've missed the youths a lot.then on wed i think we're going visiting to3youths' houses.
something to look forward too.

owh,before i forget,let me elaborate on my experience in shooting an m16.


seems enuf to fill another post.
this is sarah going up,up and away.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

telling it as it's not

i'm back.if you're going-from where?-please don't tell me you did.kidding.for the unknowing,from national service.
well for chinese new year going back by thursday.

so how has it been?
the first word that comes to mind would be life-changing.
okay.i'm not just referring to the fact that i have been waking at5every day.neither am i talking bout how myself,being a shorts person and not very much a jeans and long pants fan have been wearing track bottom everyday.
but then if you ask me how has it been life-changing i wouldn't know how to answer.but i know i've been thought to be much more independant(no i havent learnt how to cook yet)in a way that when i'm by myself i know God is always there with me.and He has been.

oh and yeah,how can i even forget-okay,you ready?here goes..

my mandarin has improved by chickens and dogs!!(i never really liked the phrase by leaps and bounds anyways)
really.test me.when u can.haha.

i'm really tired and i only found time to blog today.something for my blog's number one fan.haha.yes queenie-for u;)this lil kid wasnt in church today so i didnt get to see her.

my6days holiday dont seem enough and i'm still trying to work out the mess of all the plans coming up.i'll be back to tell you bout my new year..i'm just so wiped out now.

here's to how faithful God has been to me and how He has been there when i needed Him and even when i thought i didn't.
why do i even doubt?

through it all
You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
cover me with Your hand
and lead me in Your righteousness
and i look to You
and i wait on You

i'll sing to You Lord a hymm of love
for Your faithfulness to me
i'm carried in everlasting arms
You'll never let me go
through it all