Saturday, December 30, 2006

another year for Thee

had worship practice going to miss it.the whole frantic searching for the right scores.the after practice jamming sessions.andrew's drum lessons.michelle's lame jokes that i just have to laugh at anyways.

a new year.a new beginning.or an improvement of the old one-depends on how you see it.i'd rather have it be an improvement.a new one gives that impression that you're throwing away the whole old you.and there is a big part of me i'd like to keep thank you very much.*wink*

while i'm typing this queenie is assuring me that she is my blog's no1 fan and she reads it everyday and will miss it for three months.very comforting to know a 12 year old likes dude.i'll miss your dumb jokes too=P

another year is dawning
another year is dawning,Dear Father let it be,
in working or in waiting,another year with Thee
another year of progress,another year of praise,
another year of proving Thy presence all the days.

another year of mercies,of faithfulness and grace,
another year of gladness,the glory of Thy face
another year of leaning up on Thy loving breast,
another year of trusting,of quiet,happy rest.

another year of service,of witness of thy love
another year of training,for holier work above
another year is dawning,Father let it be
on earth or else in heaven,another year for Thee.

Friday, December 29, 2006

the one thing i have left

i am leaving for National Service on in on new year's day.yupe,they're that kind.everything's packed and ready to be picked up and brought to camp.

actually,everything's still sitting on their fat bums waiting for me to get off mine and start packing.maybe tomorrow.

i've been thinking about it a lot now that it's becoming more of a reality rather than a small printing problem the newspapers are having that just happen to cause them to print my ic number as a trainee.

i have come up with a list.or um,lists.go figure.

what i will miss most.
  1. my newly purchased superman yo-yo.i could bring it but would risk looking plain the other day on the escalator in mid valley where i berdepan-ed with public humiliation which is a whole diff story.thanks michelle.shut up cheryl.=P
  2. my guitar.looks like boredom,stress and pure interest has to find a new partner.
  3. not appearing mad.huh?well,i would have to involve myself in the whole friend-making process all over of my best budds now,used to think i was mad and would avoid me all the time and fear me.*grin*hey,if i make it,i might just end up with another good bud=P
  4. my superman comics.i havent begun packing but i doubt i'll have space for the comics,or indeed if my mum would allow free space to be put to waste like that and not stuff another pack of maggie instant noodles in it.

and of course people like my family and friends goes without saying;)

what awaits me at the end.

  1. bryan's saxophone lessons.his promise will ring(or jazz?)in my ears till i'm done.-bye sarah,if you survive i'll teach you the saxophone-just watch this space cause he said that before spm as well.
  2. spm results.*freaks out*
  3. um,the bus to bring us home?

better go work on my yo-yo tricks while i still have the chance.

Friday, December 22, 2006

i gotta whisper cause i can't be too loud

okay so a couple of us(7 to be exact) youths went for a movie would think that since the plan was to watch a movie,we would have had an idea of what we were going to watch.wrong.
cheryl lined up while we just stood behind being irritatingly indecisive on picking a movie..well actually,every movie seemed to have been watched by one of while we just lounged around unseriously trying to decide on a movie,Cheryl just kept reaching the front then coming back to start lining up again cause we havent decided.haha.
in the end we all unethusiastically agreed on confessions of pain.when Cheryl saw takeshi kaneshiro she just said 'oh.cute guy.confessions of pain it is'.
not a great movie.

after the movie we walked aimlessly for bout half an hour before settling down at um,bread story.we just sat there discussing bout the movie trying to figure it seemed like ivy was the only one who actually got the whole when we were discussing our confusions(which were many)ivy would explain and you would hear resounding 'oohhs' around the mini table we squeezed around.

indeed,the questions andrew asked,you would think he was sleeping through it all.and tim who wanted to tell us that shu qi acted in the transporter ended up saying she was in transformers.

i need to laugh.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas-what it means to YOU


maybe.and probably will be till we get a true realisation of what Christmas really is about.when Christmas approaches,i get excited.cause there's a lot planned.Christmas shopping,party,carolling and Christmas service itself.there's nothing wrong with that,just that sometimes that excitement gets more exciting than being excited about what christmas really means itself.did i make sense?i think i did.

Christ came.and without Him coming,what we have now would not mean as much. cause then we'd all be heading for death,like it or not.
we take hope for granted.but i've learnt through time that hope is what keeps me going.
we have hope.and when we go through difficult times,we're strengthened by the hope that Christ gives.without it,i don't know what would have become of me.
when i see people in general,many live their lives without hope.
and that's sad.

and so that should be our message.our testimony this Christmas.Christ brought hope.
thank God for the hope we know we have.

then share the hope.

i copied this from the wings forum,i posted it there earlier so just wanted it posted here as well.

No matter what you lead me through

have you ever looked down on something?held your nose up at it,jeered? never once crossing your mind that you might just one day be like that?

and then you wake up one day only to find that you've become a victim of your own ridicule.

somethings we'll never comprehend until we've been hit ourselves.there are different views from which we can look at,my friend are looking at it from one view.
you can turn into that nutter you once laughed at,to realise your was righteous ire is baseless.
it's like a pitfall,waiting to get us at the moment we let our guard down,to prove that we were wrong.

and you know how it is,people hate being wrong.

bombshell?i guess you can say that.or just plain stupidity in action.
i don't know bout you.but me-

i've been hit.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

i put You first that's all i need

ok so if you're chatting with johnathan aka sting ray jay as much you tend to get all rapper-ish=P

so i told you bout the midnight surprise on my birthday,but i haven't told you bout my birthday itself.
we went to sunway pyramid for a movie and were supposed to go ice-skating but ashy had a curfew so we took a cab back to midvalley and sent her home while we watched our 2nd movie.
since we had an all night movie marathon the night before in celebration of spm being over,i dont know bout the others but i sure was one sleepy birthday girl=Pi kept falling asleep and geetha was trying to keep me awake by talking to me in the movies and the poor girl didnt know i was sleeping through her conversation..haha

i'm not one for specific details so let's fast forward to the end when we were going home in the train and suddenly they all developed a will to pee really's where i get really dumb.

i fell for it.

when we reached the station they went to pee and i waited and guess what?they come out with bottles of water and the rest,as they say,is (wet) history.

and i thought i escaped my shower of adriel would say-silly me;)

looking back and seeing how God has guided me through another year i cant even start to count His blessings this year alone.i've definitely grown in Him and He's brought me through a phase where i just couldn't find myself.

only by grace can we enter,only by grace can we stand
this line from a song says so much about me.i'm standing today ONLY by His grace.nothing else.and make no mistake,i am standing.

am leaving for penang,then langkawi then perlis i think in about2hours.. school trip with budds..home in5days..will be fun save for the fact that phoon will be hogging the bathroom since she cant bathe under an hour.

i'll be back.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

until it comes out,it goes in's my birthday.and i'm at reiny's house with ashy,phoon n sue yen and we were in the middle of our post-spm movie marathon and all and the clock struck twelve.and so i got calls and smses and was busy with my phone..and they assumed i was kinda merajukking cause they didnt wish me at all.and to be honest,i didnt expect anything but was kinda wondering why they didnt even wish me..and then reiny went out to apparently 'lock the gate' and i can't believe i fell for that..and then after awhile when i'm wondering if reiny got kidnapped or sumin she walks in with kellie and kon with a mini bday cake and singing the song.and i'm like what?kellie?haha (yeah kellie,you coming was a surprise indeed=P)

ok so i actually fell for the whole i dont care bout your birthday thing.silly me.haha.
but it was a pleasant surprise and while they're watching pink panther now i'm blogging here.
well,if you were like me whose birthday's in december which is always school hols,you dont get much surprises.haha.
quoting phoon,'good thing she's slow.or else she would've realised bout the surprise'
i've got nothing to say=P
anyways i know this is just one of the draggiest blog post ever,because-yes guys.i am touched.

thanks losers=P

p/s:no i didnt forget you kon..haha..kel would kill me=P
thanks for the gift both of you;)

Monday, December 04, 2006

nobody said it was easy,no one ever said it would be this hard

what now?
that's what i'm asking myself now that spm is over.
have fun?sure.but fun has its limits.(note:i did not say i am against having fun.i am soooo gonna party till it becomes boring.if ever.)

there's a time in life when you'll come to realise that unless you live everyday for Him,no matter how much you have that you can look forward to,there'll be a point where it all becomes meaningless and you'll ask the same question-what now?

i get that empty feeling sometime.when fun is lived out and all the excitement of life has dried out.then i need a reminder,a reminder that my life is not on earth.i'm just a passer by.but as long as i'm here,i gotta just live my life for Him and be a testimony to those around me.

and when my everyday life is lived out for Him alone and for His glory, then i'll find that i am filled.that there will be no question of what now?

i don't know how to say this,but just fall in love with God all over again and you'll find that there's so much to live for.

and i'm not just talking bout post-spm fun;)