Saturday, December 30, 2006

another year for Thee

had worship practice going to miss it.the whole frantic searching for the right scores.the after practice jamming sessions.andrew's drum lessons.michelle's lame jokes that i just have to laugh at anyways.

a new year.a new beginning.or an improvement of the old one-depends on how you see it.i'd rather have it be an improvement.a new one gives that impression that you're throwing away the whole old you.and there is a big part of me i'd like to keep thank you very much.*wink*

while i'm typing this queenie is assuring me that she is my blog's no1 fan and she reads it everyday and will miss it for three months.very comforting to know a 12 year old likes dude.i'll miss your dumb jokes too=P

another year is dawning
another year is dawning,Dear Father let it be,
in working or in waiting,another year with Thee
another year of progress,another year of praise,
another year of proving Thy presence all the days.

another year of mercies,of faithfulness and grace,
another year of gladness,the glory of Thy face
another year of leaning up on Thy loving breast,
another year of trusting,of quiet,happy rest.

another year of service,of witness of thy love
another year of training,for holier work above
another year is dawning,Father let it be
on earth or else in heaven,another year for Thee.

Friday, December 29, 2006

the one thing i have left

i am leaving for National Service on in on new year's day.yupe,they're that kind.everything's packed and ready to be picked up and brought to camp.

actually,everything's still sitting on their fat bums waiting for me to get off mine and start packing.maybe tomorrow.

i've been thinking about it a lot now that it's becoming more of a reality rather than a small printing problem the newspapers are having that just happen to cause them to print my ic number as a trainee.

i have come up with a list.or um,lists.go figure.

what i will miss most.
  1. my newly purchased superman yo-yo.i could bring it but would risk looking plain the other day on the escalator in mid valley where i berdepan-ed with public humiliation which is a whole diff story.thanks michelle.shut up cheryl.=P
  2. my guitar.looks like boredom,stress and pure interest has to find a new partner.
  3. not appearing mad.huh?well,i would have to involve myself in the whole friend-making process all over of my best budds now,used to think i was mad and would avoid me all the time and fear me.*grin*hey,if i make it,i might just end up with another good bud=P
  4. my superman comics.i havent begun packing but i doubt i'll have space for the comics,or indeed if my mum would allow free space to be put to waste like that and not stuff another pack of maggie instant noodles in it.

and of course people like my family and friends goes without saying;)

what awaits me at the end.

  1. bryan's saxophone lessons.his promise will ring(or jazz?)in my ears till i'm done.-bye sarah,if you survive i'll teach you the saxophone-just watch this space cause he said that before spm as well.
  2. spm results.*freaks out*
  3. um,the bus to bring us home?

better go work on my yo-yo tricks while i still have the chance.

Friday, December 22, 2006

i gotta whisper cause i can't be too loud

okay so a couple of us(7 to be exact) youths went for a movie would think that since the plan was to watch a movie,we would have had an idea of what we were going to watch.wrong.
cheryl lined up while we just stood behind being irritatingly indecisive on picking a movie..well actually,every movie seemed to have been watched by one of while we just lounged around unseriously trying to decide on a movie,Cheryl just kept reaching the front then coming back to start lining up again cause we havent decided.haha.
in the end we all unethusiastically agreed on confessions of pain.when Cheryl saw takeshi kaneshiro she just said 'oh.cute guy.confessions of pain it is'.
not a great movie.

after the movie we walked aimlessly for bout half an hour before settling down at um,bread story.we just sat there discussing bout the movie trying to figure it seemed like ivy was the only one who actually got the whole when we were discussing our confusions(which were many)ivy would explain and you would hear resounding 'oohhs' around the mini table we squeezed around.

indeed,the questions andrew asked,you would think he was sleeping through it all.and tim who wanted to tell us that shu qi acted in the transporter ended up saying she was in transformers.

i need to laugh.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas-what it means to YOU


maybe.and probably will be till we get a true realisation of what Christmas really is about.when Christmas approaches,i get excited.cause there's a lot planned.Christmas shopping,party,carolling and Christmas service itself.there's nothing wrong with that,just that sometimes that excitement gets more exciting than being excited about what christmas really means itself.did i make sense?i think i did.

Christ came.and without Him coming,what we have now would not mean as much. cause then we'd all be heading for death,like it or not.
we take hope for granted.but i've learnt through time that hope is what keeps me going.
we have hope.and when we go through difficult times,we're strengthened by the hope that Christ gives.without it,i don't know what would have become of me.
when i see people in general,many live their lives without hope.
and that's sad.

and so that should be our message.our testimony this Christmas.Christ brought hope.
thank God for the hope we know we have.

then share the hope.

i copied this from the wings forum,i posted it there earlier so just wanted it posted here as well.

No matter what you lead me through

have you ever looked down on something?held your nose up at it,jeered? never once crossing your mind that you might just one day be like that?

and then you wake up one day only to find that you've become a victim of your own ridicule.

somethings we'll never comprehend until we've been hit ourselves.there are different views from which we can look at,my friend are looking at it from one view.
you can turn into that nutter you once laughed at,to realise your was righteous ire is baseless.
it's like a pitfall,waiting to get us at the moment we let our guard down,to prove that we were wrong.

and you know how it is,people hate being wrong.

bombshell?i guess you can say that.or just plain stupidity in action.
i don't know bout you.but me-

i've been hit.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

i put You first that's all i need

ok so if you're chatting with johnathan aka sting ray jay as much you tend to get all rapper-ish=P

so i told you bout the midnight surprise on my birthday,but i haven't told you bout my birthday itself.
we went to sunway pyramid for a movie and were supposed to go ice-skating but ashy had a curfew so we took a cab back to midvalley and sent her home while we watched our 2nd movie.
since we had an all night movie marathon the night before in celebration of spm being over,i dont know bout the others but i sure was one sleepy birthday girl=Pi kept falling asleep and geetha was trying to keep me awake by talking to me in the movies and the poor girl didnt know i was sleeping through her conversation..haha

i'm not one for specific details so let's fast forward to the end when we were going home in the train and suddenly they all developed a will to pee really's where i get really dumb.

i fell for it.

when we reached the station they went to pee and i waited and guess what?they come out with bottles of water and the rest,as they say,is (wet) history.

and i thought i escaped my shower of adriel would say-silly me;)

looking back and seeing how God has guided me through another year i cant even start to count His blessings this year alone.i've definitely grown in Him and He's brought me through a phase where i just couldn't find myself.

only by grace can we enter,only by grace can we stand
this line from a song says so much about me.i'm standing today ONLY by His grace.nothing else.and make no mistake,i am standing.

am leaving for penang,then langkawi then perlis i think in about2hours.. school trip with budds..home in5days..will be fun save for the fact that phoon will be hogging the bathroom since she cant bathe under an hour.

i'll be back.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

until it comes out,it goes in's my birthday.and i'm at reiny's house with ashy,phoon n sue yen and we were in the middle of our post-spm movie marathon and all and the clock struck twelve.and so i got calls and smses and was busy with my phone..and they assumed i was kinda merajukking cause they didnt wish me at all.and to be honest,i didnt expect anything but was kinda wondering why they didnt even wish me..and then reiny went out to apparently 'lock the gate' and i can't believe i fell for that..and then after awhile when i'm wondering if reiny got kidnapped or sumin she walks in with kellie and kon with a mini bday cake and singing the song.and i'm like what?kellie?haha (yeah kellie,you coming was a surprise indeed=P)

ok so i actually fell for the whole i dont care bout your birthday thing.silly me.haha.
but it was a pleasant surprise and while they're watching pink panther now i'm blogging here.
well,if you were like me whose birthday's in december which is always school hols,you dont get much surprises.haha.
quoting phoon,'good thing she's slow.or else she would've realised bout the surprise'
i've got nothing to say=P
anyways i know this is just one of the draggiest blog post ever,because-yes guys.i am touched.

thanks losers=P

p/s:no i didnt forget you kon..haha..kel would kill me=P
thanks for the gift both of you;)

Monday, December 04, 2006

nobody said it was easy,no one ever said it would be this hard

what now?
that's what i'm asking myself now that spm is over.
have fun?sure.but fun has its limits.(note:i did not say i am against having fun.i am soooo gonna party till it becomes boring.if ever.)

there's a time in life when you'll come to realise that unless you live everyday for Him,no matter how much you have that you can look forward to,there'll be a point where it all becomes meaningless and you'll ask the same question-what now?

i get that empty feeling sometime.when fun is lived out and all the excitement of life has dried out.then i need a reminder,a reminder that my life is not on earth.i'm just a passer by.but as long as i'm here,i gotta just live my life for Him and be a testimony to those around me.

and when my everyday life is lived out for Him alone and for His glory, then i'll find that i am filled.that there will be no question of what now?

i don't know how to say this,but just fall in love with God all over again and you'll find that there's so much to live for.

and i'm not just talking bout post-spm fun;)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

what is on my mind?

what is on my mind? the likes=P

you probably won't be seeing any new posts for some time.
as shocking as it sounds i do need to study;)

i've got no time to talk bout the whole camp,i figure wilson will post it on his multiply.hopefully.

so far he hasnt.but let's hope.haha.sorry.time is not on my side.
mark december4th for that is when my freedom arrives.

sarah is gone.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

was there any doubt?

I was studying biology yesterday,undeniably my worst subject.The lowest i ever got being 17 marks,in a monthly exam which means that we were only tested on one pathetic topic and i kicked butts.mine,to be exact.
anyways,i found myself unconsciously skipping the topics that i'm really bad at,fast-forwarding to topics i find easier to revise.I didn't want to deal with the source of my frequent fail grades.I comforted myself saying if i mastered the other topics it would be the same.the word 'revision' is wasted on me.

aren't we like that sometimes?we refuse to take that more difficult step for Christ.we'd rather settle ourselves in our comfort zone,doing something more out of routine rather than sincerity.In the same way,we keep lying to ourselves to create false comfort that we've reached the peak of our capability when deep down we know-oh yes,we know-that we're only doing the minimal.
maybe it's evangelism.hey,i pray for the lost everyday.i'm doing a pretty good job already.i'll just let God do the rest.

objecting already?well,are you showing God's love?You are?well are you doing it to the best of your ability?Are you forgiving as easy?Do you love others like you love YOURSELF?Yeah, love.

Love is patient,love is kind.It does not envy,it does not boast,it is not proud.It is not rude,it is not self-seeking,it is not easily-angered,it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.It always protects,always trusts,always hopes,always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

are you going uh-oh?cause i did.i do things mostly for my own benefits.i say i help others,but i'm helping myself.when the person i didn't like got into trouble,i wasn't complaining.And the last time i checked,my you-did-me-wrong record book is as thick as ever.
like i shared in WinGS meeting today,this few verses never fail to make me wonder if i've ever really loved.and so i always refer to this chapter so that i know what is love,and how to love.

yeah,i know,we're only human.but we're not just any human.we have the Holy Spirit in us and I believe that enables us to love like no normal human can.we've experienced God's love,so why can't we share it with those who haven't?

never say that what we're doing for God is enough,because it's never enough.

He did so much more.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

missing out,making up.

it sucks so bad that i'm gonna have to miss out on vbs(vacation bible school)this year.i just totally love spending time with the kids.but hey,it's during spm.i do not have a do-able option.bummer.

well,at least i don't have to miss youth camp from the23rd till the25th'll be fun.wonder what it'll be like to be with the same youths who aren't allowed handphones at camp?haha.

i've got more than300pics taken by unc raymond in last year's vbs and would like to upload a few but i'm facing some problems with that.when i sort it out i'll probably post em.and believe it or not it hurts to go through the pics knowing i'm gonna miss it this year=(

i broke my acoustic's bridge pin so i can't change the strings and play yet.
5minutes before that i broke the3rd string of my electric.

looks like there'll be no guitaring till the next time i step into a music store.unless i choose to pluck to nickelback's far away without the 3rd string that is crucial for that particular song.

i just can't pick the latter.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Always and Forever.

i'm this the right expression?i don't know.cause i didn't know what a tag was until like 2 minutes ago when peiling gave me an insight of what it was.

i prefer seven..but then i'd have to tell you more bout me.that wouldn't be very comfortable would it?*wink*

Four things not many people know about me...
1.i read.a lot.
2.i'm happy after i pee.cause i just eliminated some toxic from my body thus lessening the risk of myself getting those diseases whose name i could never remember.not like i want to.
3.i can talk.a,really.much more than you think i can.imagine that.
4.i wish i could speak fluent mandarin and cantonese.(if you're under the delusion that i can,please scroll down and ignore this.)

Four movies I could watch over and over..

1.white chicks!!i've watched it four times four times four get my drift.
2.mighty morphin power i don't have it now.they probably don't produce it anymore.*sad*but when i was in kindergarten,i'd watch it everyday after i get home.without fail.until i told my mum i wanted to jump off our apartment and fly like power rangers.then she confiscated the and my big mouth.
3.teenage mutant ninja turtles.'nuff said.*grin*
4.the chronicles of narnia.watching it over and over would show me over and over again just how much He did for me.and prevent me from lapsing into foolish ignorance.

Four places i've lived..(and am living) a fantasy that i'm in control of my life. a world flooded with lost people whom i want to reach out to. delusion. a room that cannot qualify as a room anymore,more adequately named,a rubbish dump that can still sustain life.for more info refer to previous blog post.or maybe not.

Four tv shows i love(d) to watch..

1.mighty morphin power rangers the series.(yeah,i'm loyal.what can i say?=P)

2.teenage mutant ninja turtles(yeah,i'm loyal.what can i-wait.oops.a lapse fully attributed to limited vocabulary.)

3.spongebob squarepants.

4.amazing race(i had to chuck this in so it will at least show that i'm not a child anymore who only enjoys children shows.i'm not.)

Four places i've been on vacation.. was in my dreams.there was a chair,a table and a bed.oh,and a shower head.ahh..what a blissful vacation.

2.australia.(finally..she's making sense..haha) mother's womb.(hey i don't remember having to study every single day in there so yeah,i consider that the best 38 weeks of holiday in my life-my life didn't really begin then did it?no sejarah and bio every night lah ok?you can't blame me.)

4.somewhere lah~

Four of my favourite foods..

1.sausages.and don't you dare start talking bout my fingers.i get enough of it in school.

3.canteen food.if they cater from mcdonalds'. that don't make me run to the toilet after.i do not wish to get specific.

Four places i would rather be..


2.the invigilator's seat.she can have mine.

3.the we-dish-out-free-guitars-every-7-seconds store.

4.a jamming studio.bliss.

Four favourite songs(this hour)..

1.You Are God Alone-Phillips,Craig and Dean.

2.Happy Birthday-Sarah Yang(Phoon's birthday lah tomorrow,must practice)


4.Funtwo's Canon in D

note:i don't wanna tag anyone because i do not think it's the appropriate time(huh?)malaslah.i might another time.

watch this space.

I'm up next am I not?

sometimes i wished i had a tidier room.sometimes.specifically exam times.cause then i'd be able to find bits and pieces of everything that i jot important notes opposed to tearing apart my room and wasting half an hour only to find one tenth of what was probably once an important piece of paper.

it wouldn't come as a surprise if i forget that i actually have a study table cause right now it looks more like a levitated part of the floor supporting books and books and papers and papers and God knows what else.

i may be the proud owner of probably the smallest amp ever invented but it doesn't stand in the way of me making it like every other part of my room.that is to say,messy.make that very messy.last time i stole a glance it had two cables,a phone,a capo,an empty frozz box,a duracell and an energizer.ask no questions and you will be told no trying-to-make-myself-sound-like-a-tidy-person lies.

one more week of exams and i'll be free to study for more exams.


Monday, October 09, 2006

You Are God Alone

i am in the midst of never-ending exams..and i found that i tend to be more dependant on my abilities than God's power.

with the exam fever,panic runs high.when it does,i find myself going through all possible factors that can help the time factor.the more time i have,the better position im in to get prepared.and don't get me wrong,time is obviously important.but sometimes we get so into worrying about the amount of time we have.

if there's not much time left,it's alright.i'll just find a very able tutor who can drill everything into me just in time to go into the exam hall.and so i depend on the ability of the all suddenly seems to hang on the fact of whether or not i can get the best tutor.

in the haste to get prepared,all our energy is either spent worrying or doing everything possible to prepare ourselves.that we forget.forget that even when we're in this hectic situation,God is still God.

And now,in the good times and bad,
You are on Your throne,
You are God alone.

(You are God Alone-Phillips,Craig and Dean)

we'd rather put our trust in things and people of our kind,in other words,uncertain things,when God Himself,all powerful is just calling for us to trust in Him.

kinda stupid isn't it when you come to think of it?to the point of pure foolishness.but why?
because we want to be in control of things.if we put our trust in God,we know that we have to have100% faith in Him,and we just gotta trust and wait in what He's gonna do.and sadly,we just aren't able to do that.

we have to always be aware,that even in our most troubled times,God is still as powerful as He is in our best times.
we tend to forget that.

Be still and know that I am God.Psalm 46:10

Thursday, October 05, 2006

slow or just plain dumb?

it's very simple really.
i was in school the other day only with reiny.there was no teacher,no electricity and we were dreadfully bored and had to do something to stop us from turning to possibly the only form of entertainment we had in such hot conditions-strangling each other and basically see who drops and faints first .then we can rush to the hospital where there's air-conditioning.
that was the initial plan anyway.
then we saw that matt wasn't using his chess set(which came as a shock at first)so we gave that game a go.

so getting to the point,after about3minutes into the game,i got so excited as i saw a chance to check reiny(yes i haven't been playing since i was as tall as my guitar)so i checked her lah.
and guess what reiny said?
'it's the queen lah dong.'*prolonged laughter for about5years*
alright so it was probably like15mins of laughter but it sure felt longer than that.

so tell me,am i slow or just plain dumb?sigh.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I Stand For You by Tree63

Jesus, I stand for You
No matter what You lead me through
They will chase me out
and close me down but Jesus
I stand for You

I'll always stand (3x)
for You
I'll always stand (3x)
for You

Jesus, I've stood my ground
When unbelief was all around
I have felt the sting rejection brings
but Jesus, I still stand for You.

A time will come when everyone
will turn their eyes on the risen son
Until that day, this world will turn away
So I'll take your hand,
I'll always stand for You

Guilty of this grace,
but You took my place
Jesus I'll always stand for You.

I'll always stand (3x)
for You
I'll always stand (3x)
for You

For you
I'll always stand for You

remember how you used to say?

it's weird how something can unconsciously become a part of your life through the course of time.You may well be at the end of a perfect day, all happy and contented when suddenly this weird feeling of emptiness will somehow constrict your throat and spread through your body.
and you spend that few moments wondering what on earth can make you feel that way on a flawless day?
then unwilling comprehension dawns and you realise that something(or indeed someone)was missing during that day and you need it.bad.
because somehow,it has made its way into your life and lodged itself there unmovingly.
it has become a part of your never meant for it to be like that,but things have a way of becoming what we don't want it to be.
and that's the way it is.

anyways enough of deep gets tiring*wink*
had a short jamming session with bryan yesterday after choir.i took to the drums and he strutted his stuff with the's been awhile since i actually played it,and the moment i struck the first beat,i knew how much i missed it.the feeling i get outta playing it is kinda the same when i play my in,relaxation,addiction,fun,joy..i can't really explain it actually..i just love it;)
but then we had to leave for mid valley to catch the devil wears prada so the fun was cut short.
i wonder what will happen if i take up the saxaphone.

Monday, September 25, 2006

all excited

oh yeah,and since we're all so excited at this new blog thing(you'd better be=P) i'm still getting a hang of it's settings and all that.cheryl wrote me a tribute too.aww..she was so sweet.sweet here being defined as something negative.check it out.

Oh yeah, since Sarah wrote me a tribute I feel inclined to write her one too:
Sarah, with all the accidental "groping", I forgive you for backing into my hand with your ass. I will miss alto-ing with you too. That is, you sing, I try to catch the note, then you laugh at my earnest attempts to join in. I really wish I could spend those 3 hours at the choral festival with you standing until we can't feel our legs. I will also miss you complaining about the size of your backside, which isn't as fat as you think. I'm going to miss all the laughs (from you, directed at me) and many other numerous things. I will miss those long conversations we never have, the many shopping trips we never do, all those movie trips that never happened, and the great advice we never shared. I will never forget the time I made you panic because you thought you lost your phone. Good times, good times.

indeed she failed to mention that i was the one who made her panic first the last time when she thought her phone and andrew's were missing.
now that's good times.


between bryan's disgust at a 'friendster blog' and ashy's frequent complaint of getting a blog update in her mail,i finally decided to get a new one.
and yes.i was bored.

totally forgetting that that the puasa month has begun,i innocently offered chewing gum to ashy in tuition and boy,was she shocked.
'eh,i puasa lah.'
in my defence i was in church whole of sunday where you would rarely find a muslim who's fasting and i kinda skipped school today.

anyways back to the blog.apparently research has shown that lighter background is better for the eyes.and so a battle between the eyesight of my blog readers and my preference broke out.
guess who won.