Tuesday, February 26, 2008

in a drag race all the others fall

learning is fun. sure. but most of the time, it's plain exhausting.

the flu hit me yesterday. i found it hard to concentrate in classes while trying to stem the flow from my nose and facing a shortage of tissue paper. girls are few in my classes, and they are the ones who usually carry tissue around. after relieving them of their tissue and still needing more, thank God one guy had another packet.

i had a new algebra lecturer teach yesterday (they do block teaching for this subject) and he totally reminds me of those eunuchs you see in olden days chinese dramas. not that he's a sissy or anything. he has this really high pitch that gets higher once he's gained his momentum while teaching, and he has these hand gestures (those of which i noticed in between my sniffs) that are sort of similar to a eunuch. he was really entertaining and of course, more importantly he's a good teacher.

thankfully, weiwen gave me a ride home so i didn't have to worry about having to ask complete strangers for a piece of tissue paper, or indeed, their sleeves. days have been tiring and have induced almost indecent hunger. or maybe it's just greed.

Friday, February 01, 2008

beri padaku sedikit waktu

i googled the email address of a lecturer in desperation cause i need it to get my results and i just couldn't find it. The so-called existing address book is evading me.

google did not fail me.

i almost emailed a lecturer starting the mail with Dear Ms, until mark told me it's a man. he regretted it the moment i told him my near mistake.

i finished heroes season1 in about 3 days. season 2's file is corrupted. sigh. i need to contact hiewmun about this. thank God chinese new year is near.

nevertheless, the holidays are definitely improving.