Tuesday, October 30, 2007

only when no one is watching, that we really fall apart


a lotta stuff has happened since i last blogged.i'll fill you guys in on the visit to the orphanage we had soon.(note:definition for soon is not available)

to many, sometimes the ten commandments unconsciously becomes the 9 commandments. i mean, surely number six can be checked off. after all, i most probably won't be killing anyone anytime soon right?


"You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, "Do not murder," and anyone who murders will be subject to judgement. But i tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgement..."

interpreted, this means that when we hold grudges and and anger in our heart against one another, essentially, we are no different from someone who chooses to actually kill someone else.

maybe the implications may not be exactly the same. maybe many of us don't like to be compared to actual murderers. but think about it. the circumstances that lead to murder are that of jealousy, anger, feeling of betrayal, revenge and the likes. we, though may not have actually killed anyone, are not exempt from these feelings any more than they are.
we may not express it through our actions, but saving venom like these in our hearts is just as bad.
....Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.(1Samuel 16:7)

i cannot count the times i have disliked someone to the point of wishing that person did not exist at all. having done that i am guilty of degrading a being created in God's image.

God's love is strong enough to erase all anger from our hearts. he can help us forgive those we deem unforgivable, love those who seem unlovable.

let us live for the glory of His renown, knowing at the end we are answerable to God for our actions and thoughts.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

yang letih meski mencoba

i am a malaysian.

this sentence i have uttered since i was a zygote, in a manner of speaking.
but today, i realised i'm not just a malaysian.i'm a malaysian who doesnt know her way around cheras cum kl.this is frustrating.

5 of us in our moral studies assignment group went exploring for an orphanage today.to cut our long traveling story short, we got lost many times, made
countless u-turns, asked various people for directions and made it to 3 orphanage.

haven't really decided on which to go after checking those out but i guess most of us already made up our mind that we want to go to the one with 15 children instead of the one with 106.

after starving, fantasizing and talking non-stop about places with good food, we had lunch at [insert name here] at tesco extra since we had to get some grocery for when we're visiting the orphanage.

weiwen was basically responsible for all the laughs due to his many mispronunciations that led to misunderstanding of words. i would share, but then again, after a whole day, i guess i should save weiwen some face.

the little adventure was good. but lunch was better.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

all i need is here

i just realised that mark schultz is kinda bald.(the word kinda is inserted cause i think he has some hair.)

i dunno..it's just that when i listen to his songs he doesn't sound bald.he sound wonderfully hair-y.no pun intended.
okay i sound stupid if i may say so myself.i just did.haha.i'm so lame sometimes.*shrugs*

uni's workload is getting to me.the fact that i have to muster all my 'never-really-was-there' resolution to get some work done gets to me even more.why can't i just be hardworking like a,um, hardworking person?(yes, i know my vocab is amazingly wide)

this post was intended for my discovery of mark schultz's(hard to spell, hard to spell) baldness.so i guess i'll just go to bed now.

i mean, i guess i'll just go do some tutorials.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the universe declares in awe

i can drift!!

well, in arcade racing at least. and i don't do it very well yet. nevertheless, the point is my car drifts and that, my dear readers causes me much joy.

i was waiting for the ktm today at midvalley after resident evil(trust me, ivan mak's choice of movie will never top my list again) and i was listening to hillsong united's none but Jesus and this particular line stood out today:

crucified to set me free

now, today it hit me because prior to that line i was just staring at the train tracks and contemplating the rush of life. mine, specifically. there's so much going on i tend to get worked up over small stuff. menial things worry me. my repeated failure to triumph over sins in my life gets to me.
why do i keep losing?

my mom was just reminding us the other day about something she read.
satan is only deceiving us.because he's already lost. Jesus has already won the battle. there's no more losing for us.

Jesus died so that we can be free.
and generally, we dont reflect a life that's been set free. we're often bound by things of the earth. fear, studies(surprise, surprise) relationships, work, the future.

how can you not worry about tomorrow?
tsunami's a definite possibility, paedophiles are roaming free, tomorrow's lecture's gonna be a killer. i can't even trust my life into the hands of the bus driver these days for a 30minutes journey.

the thing is, Jesus died so that we can live a life of freedom. we're free to go out and be salt and light of the world(Matthew 5:13-16) without being held back.

who cares if tsunami kills us tomorrow?
are we going to waste today worrying about a tomorrow that might never come?

or are we going to use today for God's glory, so that if tomorrow never comes here on earth, at least we did all we could today?

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:21

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i'm clinging to the promise of a lifetime

i do realise it has been quite some time since i've blogged.i could feed excuses like studies and assignments but the fact is i'm just plain lazy.

it's been hectic with work and stuff in uni but before it could go further i've got another week's worth of raya break.on the first day of break itself yesterday 5 of us went to sunway lagoon.

it's really weird to go with a bunch of engineer wannabes cause try to do calculations and applications with the rides there.like when we tried to calculate the centripetal force of pirate master.and we raced down what we call the superman water slide.who reached the bottom first,who landed the furthest we took all into account.obviously we were no competition for the guys at the landing part.

anyways,when we got there,we did the dry rides 1st and they were all like practically running for the rollercoaster.now, me not being such a fan of wild rides was reluctant but it was 4 against 1 and they persuaded me to have a go. so i did. i shouted my head off on it and was pretty relieved when it was over.since it was a weekday there werent many people, they stayed put and asked for a 2nd go.

i was like fighting to get out.but the wretched bar wouldnt budge.so it was another terror ride.

then it was pirate master and tomahawk which were pretty alike..theyre like a boat which swings you till you go 360degress around.that i was adamant i wouldnt get on.they dragged me but having gained my strength back on the ground i resisted.so they just gave in and handed me clarence's camera with which i failed to capture a single photo with them in it.

then finally we went to the water park and whoa, was it a splash!it was awesome but tiring la.at the end of the day we scaled sunway pyramid for a food shop.it's gotten really big since the last time i've been there.and we were starving so much we munched on potato wedges in search of a restaurant.ended up in kim gary.we walked a lil after that and ate(again..haha)ice cream.

on the way home we were a kinda caught in the after work jam which sucked.encountered about 15 tolls on the way back, no exaggerations. got home safe.fell into bed totally wiped out.good day.