Sunday, February 15, 2009

this is my anthem, this is my song

Sara Groves- He's Always Been Faithful

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me

Morning by morning I wake up to find
The power and comfort of God's hand in mine
Season by season I watch Him, amazed
In awe of the mystery of His perfect ways
All I have need of, His hand will provide
He's always been faithful to me.

I can't remember a trial or a pain
He did not recycle to bring me gain
I can't remember one single regret
In serving God only, and trusting His hand
All I have need of, His hand will provide
He's always been faithful to me.

This is my anthem, this is my song
The theme of the stories I've heard for so long
God has been faithful, He will be again
His loving compassion, it knows no end
All I have need of, His hand will provide
He's always been faithful, He's always been faithful
He's always been faithful to me

And with that assurance,

I'll get through this week.

Friday, February 13, 2009

the colours are brighter and the air is sweeter taste

Feeling down constantly and giving in to fear just won't do!

So I'll try not to.

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
Philippians 4:4

I had a long but really fun day. Finally managed to visit soo aun kor at his office at time square, which is a music store called SMX. I tried the guitars there for a bit, and then he showed me some equipments around the store which were awesome! I even got to try this mini thing like a dj's and spun the disk to make the oh-so-famous scratching sound djs make haha. Went for lunch at Wendy's and it was really nice to catch up with him.

Then I went for slumdog millionaire with Joseph since he got off early that day. He's working in starbucks at time square by the way, and since I'm doing okay after drinking his handmade ice blended chocolate cream chip, it's a pretty good sign so guys, head on there!(free advertisement haha)

Okay, slumdog millionaire was really nice, cause it sort of depicts the reality that we choose to ignore. I don't summarise well so go watch it yourselves cause it's worth watching. Though at the end of the movie a bit potong la cause they just had to start dancing like some hindustan movie. Oh well, we gotta be true to ourselves right? Haha.

Whoops, don't worry, that's like right before the credits ady, I didn't say anything about the movie to spoil it for you- I hope;)

I'm having a really busy semester and it can only get busier, but I'll just elaborate on this in another post next time.

When I give a lecture, I accept that people look at their watches, but what I do not tolerate is when they look at it and raise it to their ear to find out if it stopped.
-Marcel Archard

Oh so true.

Thank you Dorcas for sharing this song, it speaks volumes to me, especially now.

I'm a Sanctus Real fan but never heard of this song. Not such a fan after all, I guess haha.

P/S: They were featured in a taylor's guitar magazine, the lead guy Matt Hammitt plays a taylor in the music video.

Sanctus Real - Whatever You're Doing

It's time for healing time to move on
It's time to fix what's been broken too long
Time make right what has been wrong
It's time to find my way to where I belong

There's a wave that's crashing over me
All I can do is surrender

Whatever you're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos somehow there's peace
It's hard to surrender to what I can't see
but I'm giving in to something heavenly

Time for a milestone
Time to begin again
Revaluate who I really am
Am I doing everything to follow your will
or just climbing aimlessly over these hills

So show me what it is you want from me
I give everything I surrender...To...

Time to face up
Clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out
That I've wanted to say for so many years
Time to to release all my held back tears

Whatever you're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but I believe
You're up to something bigger than me
Larger than life something heavenly

Whatever you're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos but now I can see
This something bigger than me
Larger than life something heavenly
Something heavenly

It's time to face up
Clean this old house
Time to breathe in and let everything out

Another long day tomorrow, have a great weekend everyone;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

so take me as you find me, all my fears and failures

There are times I feel like I've exhausted my source of people to share with. But in the end, I still feel the weight.

Some things, they have to be faced alone because that's just the way it is.

Ironic, to have so many friends, but to know that that specific thing tomorrow will bring has to be dealt with by myself. I really am trying with how I know best.


I feel so alone.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

maybe redemption has stories to tell

Self-pity is a really dangerous thing to fall into. We feel sorry for ourselves in a lot of circumstances. I'm not diminishing the fact that we may be victims in situations, but face it. Self-pity is not going to make it any better. In fact, it makes it worse.

What poison is to food, self-pity is to life.
-Oliver C. Wilson

Yes, life is unfair. So, what's new? It's life, and wallowing in self-pity doesn't help. It narrows our thinking, and makes bad situations look worse. Sometimes, we don't really have the whole picture but start being sorry for ourselves which deepens that misunderstanding.

Walking with Christ can warrant a lot of self-pity times. We sometimes get treated like crap by people whom we keep trying to be nice to. Jesus Himself was in many such situations. But He did not feel sorry for Himself, He focused on that greater purpose. No, we're not perfect, but we all gotta start somewhere.

There is only one way to end a self-pity cycle: stop comparing yourself to others, and simply follow Christ.
-Linda Harry

Everyone goes through it. We are not alone. Our greatest example led the way, we can only follow. And here's a painful truth, sometimes we ourselves are the problem. We keep blaming and pointing fingers not realising we are our own source of pain. Dag Hammarskjold put it best and I quote,

Is life so wretched? Isn't it rather your hands which are too small, your vision which is muddled? You are the one who must grow up.

Enough said?

I hope so. I really do.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

you don't wear my chains

It's 2am and I'm still awake, not because I want to mess up my newly repaired biological clock again. I am facing a 5 day weekend(thursday to monday) cause thursday class starts next week and this semester I actually get fridays off!!

Naturally, since there is no class tomorrow, I can't bring myself to go to bed despite the fact that I have been feeling sleepy since this afternoon(new record). Only thing is, I just remembered though there's no class tomorrow I still have to go to uni to get some data entry done in the head of my faculty's(EEE) office with a few others. One of the perks of being a committee member. Not.

So like a true rebel(haha, far from it) I am defiant enough to post this post up before hitting the sack. I really hope I can wake tomorrow. Though I only gotta be there at 2, you probably know how our mind develops this thinking that if there is no class, you have the permission to feel sleepy and continue sleeping until mid afternoon.

I'm gonna go battle the bed bugs now.

Jesus paid much too high a price
For us to pick and choose who should come

-If We Are The Body, Casting Crowns

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

leave out all the rest

If you just happened to have seen my facebook status, you would know that I bumped into Mr Wong Choong Hann. Okay, if you do not know who is Wong Choong Hann, please utilise google. He is only like a professional badminton player!

So when I say we 'bumped' into him, we didnt literally bump into him. Here's what happened. Today after class at 3 we were supposed to go to kamhing and hing's open room for cny la together. I had a meeting so weiwen waited for me, and then we met up with dom, steph and clarence at the sa(student association) building and together with hing we got into weiwen's car. In the time it took for everyone to get settled in, I just happened to glance outside the back windshield and saw this guy, a girl and an older man. The guy looked really familiar but I just let it go as another familiar looking guy I see around campus everyday. Then as the car started moving, steph screamed(and I mean screamed)


And at that moment the recognition came back and it clicked! And i was like 'Oh my goodness, yes! It's Wong Choong Hann!' We all swivelled around to get a better look, but the car was moving and they were further away already. So obviously we made weiwen(actually he was the only guy who was screaming along with us in the car) turn into the next intersection that leads into the resident halls where WCH was headed. In the car, there was chaos! Weiwen was obviously still shouting, clarence was asking who is wong choong hann(=.=) and steph and I were busy looking for paper and pen to get his autograph. Dom was unacceptably unfazed by this obviously major incident. Our bags were in the car, but hing whipped out his pencil case and er, PAR(personal academic records) form and gave them to us.

Not wasting any time, we jumped outta the car and ran towards him, still slightly hesitant. I mean we weren't completely sure it was him. But why take the risk right? So I just went up to him and er, asked him if he's visiting. Then I asked if we could have a picture with him. The moment he said 'Sure!', it was obvious we hadn't mistaken his identity. So i gave my phone to the older man(who happened to be his dad, not the tour guide which I initially thought!) who passed the phone to WCH's sister instead. We got into position, and then my battery became low and wouldnt take! Of all the times! And steph's phone was in her bag.

So I told steph to get his autograph first while I ran back to the car to call hing to bring his phone! All these in the pouring rain. But it was all worth it.

Hing didnt even notice WCH, but he actually noticed the sister. I wasn't noticing her, but apparently she was really pretty. Guys, right? Put WCH right in front of them, and they wouldn't notice(except weiwen haha) cause they're too busy staring at his sister.

Anyway, the exhilaration lasted in hing's room throughout the time we were there. And steph and I are pretty convinced that this is a sign that Jason Mraz is next on our list of 'bumping-intos'. And he might even give away his guitar.

I'll try to snap back to reality real soon to give y'all a real update.