Monday, May 24, 2010

for once i can touch what my heart used to dream of

In church yesterday, i met uncle tan's 5 year old son for the first time. I had a conversation, if you can call it that, with him. It was something like this.

me: hi, what's your name?
boy: timothy.
me: nice name! so is your nickname tim or timmy?


boy: timothy.

Haha. He has a real patriotic craze for our badminton squad. If you ask him who won the semi-finals match between china and malaysia in thomas cup, he will say malaysia. And he has this contagious childlike faith and enthusiasm that malaysia will win. Childlike faith in Christ, something we often forget how to have as we mature and grow don't you think? ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

though hope is frail, it's hard to kill

Exam week! These are truly the weeks where regret is the blood that runs in your veins. Haha, one week and two papers down, one more to go next week. I have a story to tell, so i thought it was the perfect way to keep my blog updated!

So here's what happened. I was at church after worship team fellowship last saturday, and hannah had worship practice after that, so i hung out and did past years for my paper on monday which was electronics. The first question was a short theoretical question which i could answer, so i proceeded to the second question. Note, i was still only in section A of the paper, which is usually the 'easier' section.

The problem was, i had no idea how to even start the question! The configuration was almost like the one i studied, and it was so stressful and nerve wrecking because i thought i had finished studying and doing the problem sheets, and can practice past years, but i could not do the question at all and had no idea whatsoever. I flipped the paper, and all the questions looked so hard. I was already feeling panicky at this moment, stressed and very worried for my paper which was in 2 days. So i texted dinesh to ask for help, and he said he did not come across such a question. I texted the question number, paper name, year and code to him. It took him a considerable time to reply and in the state i was in, it felt like forever. Then when his reply finally came, it was to say-

"Ms. Yang, that is a third year module. Our module is called electronic engineering and the code is ELD not END!"

I am in second year. PHEW! I know it displays a certain amount of ignorance and stupidity on my part, but i had no other reaction at that moment than RELIEF! I laughed and proceeded to find the correct paper. As for the real paper on the real day itself, it was a real blow to me because i knew how to answer the questions but my mind was just stuck. Nothing would come out, and i would just stare, pen poised and ready to write, but not moving. There were some near breakdown moments in the middle of the paper where i had to catch a couple of breaths, pray, and just tell myself to do my best. I felt so down after, but i am over it, i'm just gonna leave the rest to the Lord :)

The week has been alright as a whole. On monday before the electronics paper, an hour before exams, in the computer lab, i found sandesh playing football with chickens (??) on miniclip (he's always playing games before exams to destress) and wenshan eating his brunch and doing some last minute studying.

On tuesday, hiewmun (mechanical engineering), wenshan, kengmun and i found a quiet empty room in another building to study for our maths paper on wednesday, and hiewmun for her paper on saturday. The library is always over populated and noisy during exams.

Very friendly mafias

Maths was on wednesday, 2pm. At 12pm, through a series of calls and smses, we decided to watch robin hood after the paper. We brought along the two red sweaters, kengmun lending his to me, cause i forgot to bring mine, and everytime the place nottingham was mentioned in the movie, we felt inclined to stand and parade the sweater just because haha.

The sky at putrajaya, a nice divide

As weiwen would always say- one for the album! :) (that's woan wei- pronounced 1 way, and dinesh at the back with wenshan, by the way)

I got my electric drums! I forgot to upload that, will do another time, lazy to upload haha. It has been a great source of distraction + stress relieving tool. I am enjoying it so much! Wenshan dropped by on his way back to melaka today and we finally jammed. He refuses to admit it, but he is good on the guitar, piano and drums!

Looks like this is a longer update than i had intended it to be. Ok, back to studying!

P/S: There was a double rainbow on sunday, it looked really beautiful. This was the nicest picture i could take, sorry.

Monday, May 10, 2010

everyday is another good reason

Wowowow! (as in, 3 wows, not a dog barking haha). That's probably how i would sum the period between the last post and this new one. It's been so long, that every time i think about updating, i just get stuck cause i don't know what or how to write anymore.

So, update! Hmm, i am almost at the end of my study break (oohh, no wonder i am subconsciously updating, to escape!) This means by the end of May, i will have officially finished the 2nd year of my degree, by God's grace. Gone were the days where people always asked me- how come it seems like you're forever in foundation? I wish they'd ask me again now haha.

Also, at the end of May, i will be going to the US for a summer orlando program by Campus Outreach! ( It's pretty exciting, the program will be for 2 months, then hopefully we can do some travelling after that. I will be going with 4 guys from my university, and one girl from university malaya.

I have been craving for food a lot these days. Each time it's something new, but it only lasts as long as i take to get it. Like the other day, before i went to sleep, i was just talking to a friend and he told me about his sister baking chocolate cake. I craved for chocolate cake all night, until 6am, before i fell asleep. Then there were waffles, bananas.. all the funny stuff. I'm gonna work on my self control. It's all in the mind.. mind over matter right? Haha.

We should note that at this point after the 4 short paragraphs, my brain feels saturated already. So let me get a hang of this again, and i will be back with more. Hopefully the next one won't be when i am already in the US, from where also i hope to update through this blog more often!

Sorry for the pathetic update, i think peanut butter waffles are the best!