Monday, September 25, 2006

all excited

oh yeah,and since we're all so excited at this new blog thing(you'd better be=P) i'm still getting a hang of it's settings and all that.cheryl wrote me a tribute too.aww..she was so sweet.sweet here being defined as something negative.check it out.

Oh yeah, since Sarah wrote me a tribute I feel inclined to write her one too:
Sarah, with all the accidental "groping", I forgive you for backing into my hand with your ass. I will miss alto-ing with you too. That is, you sing, I try to catch the note, then you laugh at my earnest attempts to join in. I really wish I could spend those 3 hours at the choral festival with you standing until we can't feel our legs. I will also miss you complaining about the size of your backside, which isn't as fat as you think. I'm going to miss all the laughs (from you, directed at me) and many other numerous things. I will miss those long conversations we never have, the many shopping trips we never do, all those movie trips that never happened, and the great advice we never shared. I will never forget the time I made you panic because you thought you lost your phone. Good times, good times.

indeed she failed to mention that i was the one who made her panic first the last time when she thought her phone and andrew's were missing.
now that's good times.


between bryan's disgust at a 'friendster blog' and ashy's frequent complaint of getting a blog update in her mail,i finally decided to get a new one.
and yes.i was bored.

totally forgetting that that the puasa month has begun,i innocently offered chewing gum to ashy in tuition and boy,was she shocked.
'eh,i puasa lah.'
in my defence i was in church whole of sunday where you would rarely find a muslim who's fasting and i kinda skipped school today.

anyways back to the blog.apparently research has shown that lighter background is better for the eyes.and so a battle between the eyesight of my blog readers and my preference broke out.
guess who won.